Why did I form Arise?

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Point blank. Life if short.

Actually, there is more to the story. Yes, life is short, but if it was that simple of an answer there would be no need to form a ministry such as Arise. In all honesty, Arise has been birthed from an inner longing within me.

There have been so many obstacles thave have prevented me from going where God has called me, doing the things he has called me to, and being the person he created me to be.

The biggest obstacle: ME!

Man, I can so quickly talk myself out of something I know God is calling me to.




Through Christ we are overcomers.

Yes, God is soveriegn, and I don’t beleive this would have come about as

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret the way I have lived. I want to live life on purpose, making the most of the short life I have been given.