Daddy, I’ve seen you move mountains, but why…

Daddy, I pray prayers and I see mountains moved.  I see lives changed. Answers received.  Situations transformed. But, why is it that when I need you, you aren’t doing it? Why are hearts not shifted? Walls not being torn down? I pray prayers and nothing… You know how near and dear this all is to me.

It’s different.

How is it different?

You are too close to the situation.

What do you mean?

Back up.

I see my fists clenched.

Yes, Daughter, what does that mean?

I’m holding on to something. 

What are you holding onto, Love?

I am feeling uncertain and out of control. I don’t know how things are going to work out, or what is going to happen. I am afraid. 

What would happen if you opened your hands?

I would lose control and feel greater uncertainty.

What control do you really have?


Daughter, pray for this situation in faith rather than desperation and fear. Come to me. Open your hands to me. Release it to me. Worship me. I love you and I am at work. I am so much bigger than this situation. Trust me and rest.

Yes, Daddy!

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